Why Simultaneous Interpreting is Ideal For Conferences

In today’s globalized world, effective communication is paramount for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Language barriers, however, can often hinder the seamless exchange of ideas and information. This is where simultaneous interpretation steps in as a vital solution. Simultaneous Interpretation is a mode of language communication that allows a speaker to present in one language while interpreters simultaneously convey the speech into another language. Simultaneous Interpretation is ideal for large conferences, meetings, and other events, where there is a greater need for accurate and timely information delivery.
This type of interpretation is much faster than consecutive interpretation, which requires the speaker to pause periodically for the interpreter to relay the message. With Simultaneous Interpretation, the interpreter can interpret the speech as it is being spoken, allowing the speaker to continue without interruption.

How complex is Simultaneous Interpretation?
A research study conducted by P.A. Goral in 2004, examined the cognitive processes involved in Simultaneous Interpretation and found that the process is a highly complex task requiring much cognitive effort. Simultaneous Interpreters must be mentally fit to speedily grasp information, pay attention to multiple sources of information, the topic of conversation, non-verbal communication, the context of issuance, potential noise, the visibility of the speaker, the use of appropriate terminology, intonation, rephrasing, and syntactic rebuilding, among others. The study concluded that Simultaneous Interpretation is a highly demanding task that requires a great deal of skill and experience.  

How do Simultaneous Interpreters handle the complexity of the interpretation process? 
The Interpreters need to fully concentrate as they anticipate what the speaker will say and adapt to the mental pressure of their work with composure. These essential skills help Simultaneous Interpreters do excellent interpretation
                                          • Active listening
                                          • Mental agility
                                          • Mastery of technical terms and broad knowledge
                                          • In areas of expertise
                                          • Confidence
                                          • Professional discretion
Currently, Simultaneous Interpretation is in high demand for conventions and video Conferencing events as the speed involved make information delivery real-time, captivating the audience to follow and fully participate while the conferences take a shorter time as compared to consecutive interpretation. Join the Conversation! Unlock the Power of Simultaneous Interpretation and Make Your Next Event Truly Global! Talk to Ateric Translations.

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